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The firm conducts prior art searches and files trademark and design applications in Italy and abroad. 
It manages the portfolios of rights by offering surveillance services and proceeding with renewals, transcriptions and in general dealing with administrative protection, including oppositions and cancellation actions.
It routinely renders these services in various industrial sectors: from cosmetics to food, from luxury goods to transport, to renewable energy.


The firm draws up and negotiates business contracts of all kinds, from sales to contracts, from research and development agreements to the transfer of industrial property rights. 
In recent years it has negotiated and drafted licenses for companies at the forefront of the tracking and archiving system of biological finds, coexistence agreements between well-known brands in the transport sector, franchising agreements in the education area, confidentiality agreements, transnational scope in the pharmaceutical sector, sale of trademarks in the field of cultural events, co-management agreements for inventions relating to the life sciences.


The Firm offers protection to its clients in disputes before national, EU and foreign judicial and regulatory authorities; in this area, he has acquired specific skills in the management of complex disputes that require the coordination of proceedings pending at the same time in a plurality of jurisdictions. 
It carries out counterfeiting prevention and repression activities in collaboration with the customs authorities.


The Firm provides due diligence services for the assessment of the validity, belonging, scope and value of industrial property rights in the context of transfer agreements, licenses or corporate transactions, making use of qualified accountants and technicians. 

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