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Luce della Pittura




The firm draws up and negotiates contracts for the realization of commissioned works; sales contracts; loan agreements and related insurance aimed at displaying the works to the public.


He has dealt with relations with the Superintendencies for the use of cultural assets for commercial purposes, the authentication and archiving of paintings and industrial design works, the management and enhancement of the archival assets of foundations,
the negotiation of licenses for the publication of catalogs raisonnes, contracts for personal exhibitions in well-known European museums. In collaboration with fellow criminal lawyers, the Firm has dealt with theft, falsification, embezzlement of works of art.


The Firm offers protection to its clients in judicial and extrajudicial disputes, before national and foreign Authorities, in relation to all issues concerning works of art and cultural heritage. He has assisted artists and museums in the marketing and exhibition of plagiarism works; realization and maintenance of site specific public works; he has dealt with disputes relating to the entitlement of rights, the resale right, the reenactment.

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